Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I referenced 'a major life decision' in a recent post, and this is it! We're moving! We might be the craziest people on the planet, with a toddler, a new baby, parents-in-law visiting, approaching the holidays - oh! - and my sister's baby due any day. (She has asked me to be there when the baby is born, and I am thrilled!)

In any case, a wonderful opportunity to live very near my sister and brother-in-law came up, and we just couldn't pass it up. So we are going to move to a wonderful neighborhood outside the city to a beautiful but modest home with a huge backyard. There are mature trees and grass... finally some nature for us!

We plan to be fully in the new house before Christmas. We shall see how we do with that deadline! Wish us luck

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  1. Wow Nancy congrats! I am so excited for you, best of luck with the move...someday I will rejoin you in PA.