Monday, November 7, 2011

Cheap Nursery Art

Check this out! After spending a ridiculous amount of money on my son's professionally-painted and hand-crafted nursery name art, I decided my daughter should have an equally-beautiful version at a fraction of the price. I came up with an idea while shopping at Ikea one day. (Favorite store, by the way!) So here's the finished product. Not bad, huh?

Maggie's wall art hanging above her crib

What I used:

A 3-pack of plain wood frames is $1.99 at Ikea. I bought two packs. I Googled the different letters I wanted, searched images, and chose the best black and white versions of the letters for Maggie's name. They look funky and awesome, and were free!  Can't beat that! I already had the red ribbon, craft glue, panel board nails, and white acrylic paint lurking in my craft box. For the sake of coming up with the total cost, I listed the cost of the ribbon and paint, since I remember how much they cost when I purchased them. (When I buy things for a bargain, I tend to remember!)

So here's my list of items for this project....

  • 6 plain wood frames from Ikea ($3.98)
  • white acrylic paint (already in my craft box, but cost $1 a few months ago)
  • craft glue (lurking in my craft box)
  • red ribbon ($1 in clearance bin at fabric store)
  • two panel board nails (found in husband's toolbox)
  • black and white fancy letters (free!) 
Final cost: $5.98! Not too shabby!

Here are some close-ups of the finished project...

Note the different funky letters - I wanted all of them to be black & white, but different fonts.
I used landscape and portrait orientations by accident based on which letters fit in the frames.

I hung bows at the top and bottom of the long ribbon.

I glued the frames onto the ribbon first, then hung the ribbon from the panel board nails.

I painted one coat of white and sanded to create a distressed look.

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  1. This is really cute- may want to do something like this in my master bedroom! I am following now! You can come check out my blog if you like...

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  2. wow this is pretty! thanks for sharing!

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  4. I love this..what a super cute thrify project!!!

  5. Adorable! Clever ideas. How is your brain functioning at this level with a 20 mo old and a newborn. You rock.

  6. Thanks so much, everyone! I have some other projects to highlight real soon!

  7. how cool is this!!! Thanks for a fun idea!

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  8. That is absolutely adorable. Thank you so much for linking up to last weeks show and share. Make sure to come back and link up this week with your latest project.

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